Ethics & Sustainability

Ethics & Sustainability 

We, at Bubish, acknowledge the importance of fur being manufactured ethically. We proudly acknowledge that we source our products from suppliers that fit within the global ethical guidelines of manufacturing set by the International Fur Federation.

Our suppliers provide us with rightfully procured fur that is either surplus fur or a secondary product of food trades under the strict requirements set by the Federation. This governing body is committed to the practise of promoting and regulating the healthy and green use of fur throughout all aspects of the supply chain.

From the environmental responsible procedures for chemicals used in the dressing of furs, it is continually seeking new ways to improve the environmental footprint of fur production.

Fake versus real

  • Real fur is a natural and sustainable choice
  • Fake fur is a synthetic man made product
  • Real Fur has biodegradable properties that contribute to reducing our global footprint
  • Chemically based fake fur ends up in landfill
  • Real fur is loved for its durability, breathability, and tactile qualities. It far outways the synthetic substitute
  • Real fur is a renewable source to mankind and for the enjoyment of future generations
  • Real fur is a gift of nature